Photo by Claudia Huerta



Taken by the Skinny!
Choreographed and Performed by Norma Araiza
Costume: Norma Araiza
Music by TRIBU

Duration: 12 minutes

This is a dance-theatre piece inspired by the traditions of The Day of The Dead in Mexico.


One of the principle characters of this celebration is “La Catrina”, the representation of Death embodied in a female, elegant, and 'sexy' skeleton dressed like the European fashion of the beginning of the 1900’s.

This piece concentrates on The Catrina’s essence. The audience gets to know a little bit of who she is through her gestures and movements, but she never reveals herself completely. She has to fulfill her duty at any cost (taking people to the under world). In my own interpretation, she is torn between her commitment and her own feelings, pretending she enjoys this task, thus hiding her true essence and suffering.

The Catrina’s movement vocabulary is a fusion of different dance styles such as traditional Yaqui steps from Sonora,  Mexico, contemporary dance, and Butoh-like movements. She wears traditional Yaqui bells around her ankles, which in the Deer Dance of the Yaqui Nation, they represent life.
In the context of The Catrina’s world, this is a sign of the contradiction she faces and it hints at who she really is.