Lecture Demonstrations and Workshops



All lecture-demonstrations and workshops can be tailored to adapt the different needs of the participants. Suitable for children, adults, and seniors.



The Yaqui Nation of Sonora, Mexico
Through a general explanation of the Yaqui culture and some of its main characteristics, the participants are able to learn in theory and practice about the most important celebration in the Yoeme Nation: “The Forty Days of Lent”. This lecture-demonstration includes learning basic steps from the deer dance and elements of other participating characters during Easter such as The Pascola Dancers, The Chapayecas and The Deer Dancer.
Through Yaqui dance and music, the participants will experience the process of gradually becoming a deer. They will enter his realm, and with the learned elements, they will create their own deer dance.




World of Rituals

The core of this workshop is to analyze the meaning of ritual in both traditional and contemporary contexts through dance and theatre. This will draw a comparative study between sacred versus secular forms of ritual in a practical and experiential way.


Dance and Theatre Anthropology

The Dance and Theatre Anthropology workshop looks for the origin of movement within a theatrical and creative context. In this workshop, the participants explore their original impulses which are unconscious, to make them conscious at the moment of expressing them through their bodies. The workshop is based on the work of theatre directors Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba.


Movement for Actors

This workshop is designed to provide actors with tools to develop a more kinesthetic awareness.
They will develop a personal warm-up according to their own skills and limitations, using them as well towards the creation of a character starting from their own body and movement found in the exploration.


Creative Movement and Expressive Arts

Through music scores, poetry, visual arts, and drama, participants will be encouraged to unleash their imagination and feelings through their bodies in motion. This workshop also provides the participants with tools to develop their own style and movement vocabulary based on their own individual personality.