(Work in Progress)
Choreographed and Performed by Norma Araiza
Voice over: Norma Araiza
Text: Norma Araiza and Stefan Alexander
Duration: 12 minutes
  Inspired by Susun Weed's book "New Menopausal Years. The Wise Woman Way", Becoming Namuli is the expression of a very personal journey dealing with the difficult and yet powerful menopausal years that have brought me to a new
state of being. This journey, is leading me to become a Namuli, which in the Yaqui languge means grandmother, the ancient one, the wise one.

Contrary to what Western culture and the media emphasize,the menopausal years are times of change and power, not the inevitable downhill period of a woman's life. At this time, women go through isolation, death, rebirth and reintegration into the community with


more wisdom and knowledge.

At this point in its development, this piece is a solo dance theatre ritual, where the character is having a conversation with her ancestors / grandmothers about her journey into this new territory.